Saturday, February 12, 2005

Somebody 'splain it to me!

Hot times at the MoveOn Prom

Deano raised big bucks from the "True Believers" and their billionaire buddies and did what exactly? He won the primary in Vermont (where he used to be governor - duh!) and came in last in every other one he contended except Michigan where he managed to pass John Edwards, and Maine where he passed Kucinich. In short. he got beaten like a drum by a goof like Kerry and frittered away his big bankroll. Now if you were going to pick someone to lead the Donks back from the brink, would you pick Deano? I sure would, but I'm prejudiced, and I always appreciate a good japery target.

Meanwhile Terry McAuliffe, the past DNC chair gave a rousing goodbye speech:
Press reports say Terry McAuliffe's speech to party faithful in Washington, D.C., Thursday night was a real yawner.

But the audience's bored expressions soon turned to winces of concern when the soon-to-be-retired Democratic chairman veered away from his morale-boosting message and began to attack the Catholic Church.
Ruh Oh!
Next a bitter-sounding McAuliffe turned his fire on John Kerry.

After praising Kerry for giving his failed presidential bid "everything he had," McAuliffe complained that his attacks on President Bush were too weak.

The top Dem cited Kerry's acceptance speech at the Democratic convention as a prime example.

"I think, to be honest with you, [Kerry's speech] was ridiculous," McAuliffe said.
"Reporting for duty!"
When he received the final approved draft of Kerry's convention speech, he recalled, "I just threw it in the air and said, 'Why don't we just say George Bush is a great guy?'"

"Meanwhile," the outgoing chairman griped, "[Republicans] go to New York and spend four days ripping our face off and they go up 10 points in the polls."
Well Terry, you and CBS did your best. Now it's Deano's turn in the barrel. And you really shouldn't hit the bar until after you give your speech.