Thursday, February 10, 2005

He really does look down on the little people

Kennedy's `Swift' flight home costs taxpayers $2,490
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy - stirring memories of ex-Gov. Jane M. Swift's state police chopper boondoggle - ordered up a taxpayer-funded $2,490 helicopter ride home to Hyannisport last May after attending events in New Bedford, records show.

The 48-mile flight to Cape Cod cost U.S. taxpayers $51.87 per mile.

The senator's chopper ride home on May 21 to his family's famed compound allowed him to avoid the late Friday afternoon traffic congestion that clogs roadways and bridges to Cape Cod during the spring and summer weekends.
Gosh, I wouldn't want Ted to be late for Happy Hour! But I thought his started about 9 AM?