Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Get your party duds on, it's time for a hoedown!

As I have mentioned previously, this Thursday is the big opening of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. Now, The Prowler reports (skip past the rumor that Hillary will run for Governor of New York in 2006):
The Clinton Library is spending some of its hard-earned corporate donations to fly down more than 170 former Clinton White House staffers to the Little Rock dedication ceremonies. Not all of the 170 are going entirely gratis, however. Only about 50 of Clinton's closest advisers are making the three-day trip cost-free. The library will pick up all expenses for those special few, excluding incidentals.
And don't worry about them having to stay at Motel 6. Yesterday Sean Hannity reported that the bigs will be staying at the Peabody Hotel, which until its recent refurbishment was named the Excelsior and was most famous for ... (er, how to say this?). It was most famous for being the place where Bill Clinton offered to introduce Paula Jones to Mr. Trouser Snake. I wonder if they have a brass plaque on the suite commemorating the event?