Thursday, November 18, 2004

At least he didn't put the massage on his MasterCard

Braying ass Bob Beckel ("Dedicated to the unrelenting pursuit and exposure of the right") was Walter Mondale's campaign manager in 1984 and left the field of that disaster to become a media talking head of the leftoid persuasion. Last night he was on Hannity and Colmes trying to defend the abuse of Condoleeza Rice by the usual suspects. Ann Coulter kicked his butt:
COULTER: I notice these liberals want to talk about anything under the sun, Bill Clinton, Pat Robertson, but not liberal attacks on Condoleeza Rice. Dick Clarke, the flamboyant opponent of the Bush administration, came out with a book earlier this year claiming that Condoleeza Rice, when he talked to her about Al Qaeda, her face showed that she was perplexed, as if she had never heard of Al Qaeda before. Can you imagine somebody saying that about Wolfowitz?

HANNITY: We found a tape of it.

COULTER: No, but this is, liberals have, that’s my fourth example now of liberals having a problem with blacks. Having a little bit of a race issue when you have blacks working for a Republican administration.

BECKEL: Ann, Ann, that is so outrageous.

COULTER: And I notice that you will talk about anything but Condoleeza Rice and the attacks on Condoleeza Rice.

BECKEL: Ann, Ann, could you please just for one minute. I know you usually overwhelm people, but you’re not going to overwhelm me. I have no problem with her because she’s black. I have a problem with her because I don’t think she’s up to the job.

COULTER: Oh, unlike Warren Christopher.

BECKEL: Do not begin to say that people like me are racists when I spent a lot of time out in the vineyards in the civil rights movement. I don’t think you could cite one credential where you have.

COULTER: And you listen to jazz.
More shouting-head hijinks by following the link, but what's up with the Pat Robertson stuff? Well, earlier Bob had tried to play the Donk "faith" card:
BECKEL: Let me first say something here for the sake of this. Ann, I find it, my faith says to forgive you and I will here. But I really wish you would think about the words you used, because they’re very painful. You all invoke God, like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. You know what? In the Bible it says we’re to care for one another, we’re to take care of those who are the meek and the poor, we’re to lift them up, we’re to forgive our enemies, we’re to turn the other cheek. I don’t know anywhere in the Bible where the Lord ever said that the Lord would come down on the side of, as Pat Robertson said, on the side of George Bush. The truth of the matter is that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, and frankly Ann you, are taking some of the most incredibly important symbols to us, God, race, and what you’re doing, and what Robertson--I’ll say this not about you but about Robertson--he is a con man, and he has prostituted himself. He does not know the Scriptures and he has abandoned his love for the Lord Jesus Christ to love secular things.
Is that kewl or what? Especially since ole Bob is prominently featured over at The Smoking Gun in another case of prostitution:
Meet Maryam Massihi. The 21-year-old hooker recently stole political consultant Bob Beckel's heart--at least for a few hours, at $300 per. Then Massihi (who used the names Tiffany and Cindy professionally) and her cohorts allegedly tried to extort $50,000 in hush money from the Democratic heavyweight (he ran Walter Mondale's 1984 presidential campaign). Beckel's recent run-in with Massihi & Co. is detailed in this search warrant affidavit filed August 23 in Alexandria, Virginia's Circuit Court. Beckel discovered his young consort via the Internet (Massihi's electronic come-on is below) and paid her by check, which proved helpful when cops began probing who was trying to shake down the 53-year-old Beckel.
There's six pages worth of fun, but I liked the part where Bob offered to send her a vague "hello" while he was on the air. Oh yeah, her pimp had a Cadillac Escalade with license plate "SOPAFLY".

It doesn't get any better than this!