Thursday, March 18, 2004

Deano just can't shut up

Dean and al-Qaida: Kerry’s ‘attack machine’ continues
FIRST, HOWARD DEAN sided with the nutball conspiracy theorists. Now, he’s sided with al-Qaida. How can anyone take this man seriously?

Dean helped himself lose the Democratic nomination by recklessly spreading the rumor that Bush had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks but didn’t act to prevent them. He said he was just repeating an “interesting” theory he’d heard. Now, Dean calls Bush responsible for the train bombings in Madrid. And again he distanced himself from the slander he had just spread. “I’m simply repeating it,” he said.
I heard that Deano has carnal knowledge of camels! Hey, "I'm simply repeating it."
This latest gaffe is Dean’s worst yet because with it he has done more than irresponsibly smear the President. He has given credibility to al-Qaida’s justification for mass murder. He made these comments on behalf of John Kerry’s Presidential campaign, which defended Dean while ironically denouncing the “Republican attack machine.”

Al-Qaida wants Western powers out of Iraq and Bush out of the White House. To accomplish this, the terror network claimed it blew up more than 200 people in Spain (which it probably did) and said the attack was retaliation for Spain’s participation in the Iraq war.

The logical response to this is to get more aggressive in the War on Terror. To pull out of Iraq and to deploy lawyers instead of soldiers to track the terrorists would turn the Madrid bombings into the most successful terrorist attack in history. It would give al-Qaida exactly what it wants. Yet that is precisely what Dean and John Kerry are proposing. And now Dean invokes al-Qaida’s anti-Bush propaganda as justification for voting Bush out of office. Whose side are you really on, Howard?
And whose side are you on, John Kerry? Unfortunately, we know the answer: any side but the USA's.