Sunday, July 31, 2005

Maybe he can get a loan from a Boys and Girls Club!

SondraK reminds us of the impending grand kickoff for Al TV! If the dippy blog on their site is to be believed, the Current network will start broadcasting at "9 p.m. PST tomorrow." 9 PM? PST? No clue surplus there.

Update: It turns out that the kickoff was Sunday night! My only excuse is that the goofy two dimensional blog post listing they used to have on the front page of their site didn't show the post dates, said "tomorrow" and I didn't consult the real blog. I'm so upset!

Actually, I couldn't tune in with our satellite service anyhow, but Kevin Aylward could and has a review:
The fist thing you notice is the hosts, they're young, preachy, and entirely too excited about the significance of any of the America's Unfunniest Home Videos they're about to show you. The videottes have something in the lower left part of the screen which looks like a mini-TiVo timeline or camcorder timer. As near as I can tell the progress bar is there to let you know how long your misery will last before one of the slicky boy VJ's get all up in your grill from a bizarre camera angle again. When the hosts come back on telling you how wonderful the whiny video you just saw was they'll also remind you how cool they are for being on Current, and how cool you are for watching.