Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fun from all over!

A Sony Music promo exec unknowingly sparked Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's major payola investigation when he started hitting on a woman at a poolside bar at a Miami hotel last year.

The exec bragged about some of the excesses in his line of business, according to chatter in music industry circles.

The executive must have felt pretty good, as the attentive woman probably hung on his every word. He must have thought he was spinning a Gold Record.

But not so fast.

It turns out the woman who was the object of his affection worked in Spitzer's office.

How about fun city? - U.S. shuts consulate in chaotic Mexican border city:
NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico (Reuters) - The United States is closing temporarily its consulate in this lawless Mexican border city after rival drug gangs clashed with bazookas, hand grenades and heavy machine-gun fire.

"A violent battle involving unusually advanced weaponry took place between armed criminal factions last night in Nuevo Laredo," U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza said on Friday.

He said he was ordering the consulate in Nuevo Laredo closed for all of next week and would only reopen it if the security situation improved.

Garza called on Mexico to swiftly bring the situation under control.

Mexico reacted angrily to Garza's words, saying both countries shared a responsibility to fight drug crime.

"Repeated public statements by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico about the border situation in no way help bilateral efforts to end border crime," the Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
I guess it must be our fault, too. Somehow.

And there's always fun with moonbats - She Couldn’t Find “Bronx News”:
Here’s the deal. The Kossacks and Lefties are claiming that the “Air America stole money from poor kids” story is fake. Leading the charge, Barbara O’Brien of Mahablog. At her own blog, at dKos, at the American Street, etc., her post has sprung up.
She couldn’t find the Bronx News through Google? Either she didn’t try very hard, or she’s lying. If you’re looking for an article by “Michael Horowitz” of the “Bronx News,” and you don’t Google those four words and look at the sixth entry, I have to wonder just how hard you wanted to find it.

Barbara, you constantly call Bush a liar. YOU are a liar.
Or a pinhead. Or both. The Radio Equalizer has more here and a roundup here.