Saturday, January 29, 2005

"They baptized Hillary Clinton in Cedar Creek last Sunday..."

That's not quite how I remember the lyrics, but I was put in a gospel singing mood by Gerard Baker's London Times send-up of Her Heinous trying out her sheep's clothing for the 2008 election - Hillary Clinton gets religion and an AK47:
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
September 15, 2005

At a public ceremony near Waco, Texas, Senator Clinton was received yesterday into full communion with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Repenting Transgressors.

As her sponsors, the Rev Jerry Falwell and the Rev Pat Robertson looked on lovingly, the New York senator was fully immersed in the swirling waters of the Brazos River. A gospel choir sang a collection of spiritual hymns, including, Lo, the Yankee Queen In Bright Array, Rises and It Takes a Village to Smite the Evil.

Mr Falwell welcomed Mrs Clinton, dressed in a white toga, as a reformed sister in the family of former sinners.

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Voter,” he said. “The prodigal daughter has come home to the Lord! The sheep that was lost is found.”
I liked the part where she appeared at the NRA convention, too.

(Hat Tip: Betsy's Page)