Sunday, December 19, 2004

That explains it!

(Via GeekPress) I long ago wrote off Wired as a coffee table magazine (and web site) for those among the terminally trendy with pretensions to technocool. That's why I was blissfully unaware of their weekly online column called Sex Drive which is penned by one Regina Lynn who recently delivered Keeping Love Connections Open:
There's a scene in Dead Poets Society where Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) declares that "language was developed for one endeavor." In the significant pause that follows, he lets his gaze roam from boy to boy, waiting. Finally, one of the boys asks in an uncertain voice, "To communicate?" Mr. Keating shakes his head. "No!" he cries. "To woo women!"

I don't care what they tell us about defense departments and universities sharing data. If the sole purpose of language is to woo women, the internet was invented to woo more women more often.
That must be why I keep getting all that spam for "male health" supplements and "male attribute" enlargement!

More blather by following the link, the point of which seems to be:
I'm not the only one who expects (dare I say, demands) internet interaction with a mate.
And this is after, er, a "physical manifestation" of the relationship has been realized. Sheesh, what happened to the near universal demand for "long walks on the beach?"