Monday, December 20, 2004

I'm so upset!

Is Kyoto Kaput?
Even before it officially takes effect on Feb. 16, the Kyoto agreement to curb greenhouse gases is leaking air.
Hot air (and I don't mean "global warming.")
Fixing it won't be easy.
Presuming one cares to. I know! Let's jet off somewhere and pad our expense accounts!
Last week, most of the world's nations met in Argentina to assess what the treaty might be able to achieve by its expiration in 2012. Many nations are faltering in their commitment to rein in industrial carbon-dioxide pollution since it's possible such steps will limit economic growth.

Some, such as Italy and Canada, are raising doubts about the sacrifices required. Britain admits it may not reach its target, while Japan flat-out says it can't reduce emissions by the expected amount, which is 6 percent below the 1990 levels.
Actually it's not just "many," it's most, but I digress.
If only the US, as the world's biggest CO2 polluter, had been in the treaty, the other developed nations might feel better about imposing restraints on their industries.
You mean if we had jumped off a cliff, they would have joined us?
That's why the other purpose of last week's meeting was so important. European diplomats bent over backward to find a new consensus for a post-Kyoto effort that would include the US.

But not much happened.
More dog-bites-man news.
The meeting ended with a weak proposal for an international "seminar" in May for nations to "exchange information" on their ideas about the unusual weather many are experiencing.
How neat is that? More expense account padding plus the promise of some virgin sacrifices in the offing to appease the angry weather gods. It's real cold here today after being nice and warm on Saturday - maybe I can attend and swap yarns exchange information with the kleptocrats. Hmmm, I wonder if it is BYOV (Bring Your Own Virgins)?