Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Captain Hook Hijinks!

Ole Captain Hook wants a raise to his already hefty "salary" - Radical cleric Abu Hamza sues for more British benefits:
Radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, who is in a British jail on incitement to murder charges, is to sue welfare officials for thousands of pounds in extra state benefits.

Hamza, who is due in court next month on incitement to murder charges, claims he has been denied benefits worth 200 pounds a week for nearly three years, The Sun newspaper said Tuesday.

His family are already taking in benefits worth over 1,000 pounds a week, it said.
Let's see - that's 52,000 pounds a year and he wants a raise to 62,400 pounds per year. The current conversion rate is roughly 1.94 dollars per pound, so in US dollars the amounts are $100,880 and $121,056 respectively. Woohoo! Who says crime doesn't pay?

The Sun has more including his rent-free house worth 500,000 pounds and the taxpayers funding his 2 million pound legal expenses to avoid deportation. If Hillary gets elected in 2008, I'm applying for political asylum in the UK! They certainly have the welcome mat out.