Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Some things you just can't make up

Al in the Family:
REV. Al Sharpton can now add reality show host to his colorful resume.

Sharpton will be the host and star of Spike TV's "I Hate My Job," a new reality series, loosely based on NBC's "The Apprentice," in which he will serve as a career counselor to help "despondent" guys land their dream jobs.

"I'm the working man's Donald Trump," Sharpton told The Post yesterday.

"Most people end up going through life doing things [for a living] that they really don't want to do," Sharpton says.

"This is a reality show that has a message, it seeks to get people to find out who they really are and pursue that."
But Al, there aren't too many people who are good at stirring up race riots!