Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Lurch finds a "Big Issue"

Unfortunately for him, it's whether he should delay "accepting" the nomination until after the Boston convention. The Boston Globe tries to spiff it up in Kerry justifies idea of nomination delay. I'll spare you the usual nostrums, but there are a couple of new wrinkles. First the Donks are taking government cash for a "nominating" convention:
At the same time, two prominent campaign finance watchdogs questioned whether it would be legal for the host committee to spend $15 million in federal funds to stage the Democratic National Convention if the event does not produce Kerry's nomination.

"I think there is a very strong case here that it would be illegal," said Fred Wertheimer, who runs a campaign finance organization called Democracy 21. "They received the money to conduct a nominating convention, and a nominating convention tends to include the concept of a nominee. At a minimum, they face real legal questions."

Representative Martin T. Meehan of Lowell, a fellow Democrat and coauthor of the country's new campaign finance law, agreed that the $15 million is at risk. "The question is whether it could be made up in private contributions," the congressman said.
Not to worry, anything is legal if you are a Donk and no rain forests are hurt. Sometimes even then.

But what about Lurch himself? Well aside from rambling on and on about the various options, he let this escape:
"Once again, the Republicans don't know history, and they don't know facts," he said. "The truth is that it used to be that the convention, after nomination, traveled to the home or the state of the nominee to inform them they've been nominated. Woodrow Wilson was at his house in Princeton, N.J.; Harry Truman was in Independence," Mo., he said.
Woohoo! Next he'll be telling us how great it was that folks used to crap in pots. But wait a sec, don't Lurch and the little woman have a palace in Boston? You know, the one he mortgaged for twice its value to finance his campaign and where he is registered to vote? I know Boston has a lot of traffic, but how long does it take to go crosstown?