Thursday, May 27, 2004

Bubba's Looking for a Love Shack!

West Side Bubba:
The hourlong commute from Chappaqua in Westchester County to New York City may have finally gotten to Bill Clinton.
The Post has learned that the ex-president is shopping for a Manhattan apartment.

"He's been looking for a place primarily on the Upper West Side with a couple of bedrooms for about $2 million," said one agent familiar with Bubba's house hunt.
Yeah, it's the commute, I'm sure. That's what all the suburban hubbies say when they try to get their spouses' approval.
While the gregarious Democrat has been busy penning his much-anticipated book in the tranquil confines of his upscale home in Westchester, friends say he's yearning to have a pied-a-terre where he could move and shake in Manhattan.
Move and shake it, indeed.

But while he's throwing the bucks around, maybe Bubba could spare some chump change for his brother Roger. Apparently Rog has run through all the loot he scammed selling pardons from Bubba and now he's got to come up with $24,000 or he's headed for the hoosegow.