Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Ruh Oh!

3D ads to put virtual beers on bars
Three-dimensional foaming glasses of beer could soon leap out of TV screens and on to bars, to try to tempt customers into buying drinks.

The system, from X3D Technologies in New York City, allows the virtual drinks to jump up to a metre in front of the screen. They can be viewed with the naked eye from anything up to a 120 degree angle.

"People stand in their tracks, they are stunned by what they see," claims Myles Owens, chief executive officer of X3D. The first 3D alcoholic drinks advertisements were shown at the International Nightclub, Bar Beverage and Food Convention in Las Vegas earlier in March.
Its 53-inch plasma-screens are already being used to make shampoo bottles loom in front of customers in shops in France, Italy and Spain.
Now think about all the things you would just as soon NOT have jump out at you. Like this or this.