Saturday, March 27, 2004

Look who's wrapping himself in the Constitution!

Daschle threatens to block all Bush judicial nominees
Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle threatened yesterday to block all of President Bush's judicial nominees unless Mr. Bush promises to not appoint federal judges while Congress is on recess.

"We will continue to cooperate in the confirmation of federal judges," said Mr. Daschle, who faces re-election in South Dakota in November, "but only if the White House gives assurance that it will no longer abuse the process and that it will once again respect our Constitution's essential system of checks and balances."
Hmm, his copy must have different wording than mine.
Mr. Bush has used his recess appointment powers, outlined in the Constitution and used since George Washington's administration, to place two of his nominees on federal appeals benches this year without the typically required Senate approval. Both judges had been filibustered by Democrats for at least 10 months.
My copy also doesn't mention "filibuster." All little Tommy has to do is let the nominations come up for a vote and then everyone and the Constitution would be satisfied, right? Don't hold your breath.

But I'm still waiting for the Republican Senate leadership to hold the Donks' feet to the fire on filbusters. Some CSPAN footage of little Tommy urinating in a cup behind the lectern ought to provide good election year fodder.