Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Too bad!

Ralph Nader Rules Out Green Party Run
Nader called party officials Monday to inform them of his decision, said Ben Manski, a Green Party co-chairman and spokesman. Nader's reasons were not clear, Manski said.
That's par for the course.

But there's still hope that Ralphie will come to the dance:
Nader, who garnered nearly 3 percent of the national vote in the last presidential election, has not ruled out running for president as an independent and plans to make a decision by January.
I guess that makes a lot of sense - to Ralphie.

And the Greenies have high hopes too:
Six people have already declared their intentions to be the party's nominee, including Green Party general counsel David Cobb and Peter Camejo, the party's candidate in the California recall election. McLarty said a front-runner will likely emerge before the party's convention in Milwaukee in June.
Maybe we'll have the best of both worlds: a Green candidate and Nader running as an independent. Don't forget that Ralphie is asking for your advice. Help the poor confused fellow out.