Monday, December 22, 2003

Everyone's traveling for the holidays!

Castro to visit Venezuela ally Chavez
CARACAS: Cuban President Fidel Castro will fly to Venezuela tomorrow (ed. note: Monday) to talk co-operation with his biggest regional ally Hugo Chavez at a time when the Venezuelan president is facing a campaign by foes to vote him out of office.
I like the old fashioned kind of Santa who doesn't wear fatigues better. Hmm, I wonder if Hugo has been naughty or nice?
Under a three-year-old energy accord, Venezuela sends Cuba up to 53,000 barrels per day of oil – about one third of the island's consumption.
And Venezuela isn't getting paid for it. I guess Hugo's been nice.
They are sure to discuss the political situation in Venezuela, where foes of Chavez filed with electoral authorities Saturday more than three million signatures requesting a referendum on his rule next year.
Fidel: How many times do I have to explain it, Hugo?

Hugo: Please! One more time!

Fidel: You have all the names of the counter revolutionaries on the referendum petitions. Now you send out your thugs, er, Bolivarian Circle members to re-educate them.

Hugo: Thanks! I'm glad I left out milk and cookies for you!

Fidel: Got any rum?