Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Look for the union label!
Heather Sokoloff astounds in the National Post with Save the marigolds, says Saskatchewan Premier:
The Saskatchewan marigold scandal has gone all the way up to the Premier's office.
The controversy required Norma Woodward, a 74-year-old Avon saleslady and grandmother of 13, to devote most of yesterday retelling the story on radio call-in shows, of how she and 20 other senior citizens -- most of them older than her -- raised $50 and planted the marigolds in a flower bed by their cottages after learning that park budget cuts had left no funds for flowers.

She said it pained her friends to see the bed tangled in weeds so close to their tidy front porches, at an intersection between two roads leading to beaches on Madge Lake, where she and her husband built their cottage 45 years ago.

Mrs. Woodward says it would be nice if Mr. Calvert apologized on behalf of the unionized park workers who uprooted the flowers in protest less than a day later, but she is not holding her breath.

"As far as I am concerned, we've made our statement and it's over and done with," she said. "The unions need to learn to be more human. If no one raises a stink about it, nothing will ever change."

But Bob Bymoen, president of Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union, says the cottagers should be directing their anger at the government instead of the park staff. "This was a desperate act on their behalf to get someone to notice that they do not have enough money to run that park," Mr. Bymoen said.
I'll bet it's the fault of those pesky taxpayers!

I'm not holding my breath for any criminal charges - the big question seems to be who the Saskatchewan Premier should get to replant the marigolds, the union goons or the old folks.