Sunday, May 04, 2003

No news is good snooze!
I tried, I really tried. But there isn't much of anything else worth blogging in the news. The NY Post rehashed the UN HQ looting (see below), there was more on Jesse Jackson's NASCAR protection racket, the two-faced Democrat party rejoiced over the campaign funding law court ruling, and another teachers' union local HQ has been raided by cops investigating financial fraud.


But there was some uplifting news:
But medical evidence is mounting that moderate beer consumption - one to two beers daily - does a body good.
Yee-haw! And amongst the evidence is bad news for spammers:
Forget about Viagra. Have a beer instead. "Moderate amounts of beer lessens arterial sclerosis, one of the causes of erectile dysfunction," Dr. Pavel Zemek said last year after announcing results of clinical studies on beer’s healthful properties at the Czech Center of Gerontology in Prague.
Actually, there is never any bad news for spammers - now they'll be hawking beer.