Sunday, April 13, 2003

She certainly got around!
Every report on the Chinese Mata Hari, Katrina Leung, seems to have something new. Michael Isikoff at Newsweek is now reporting that she was having simultaneous affairs with 2 FBI agents and was a "key source" for the Chinese campaign contribution investigation that went nowhere:
SET UP SIX YEARS ago in part to investigate an alleged Chinese plot to influence U.S. lawmakers, the task force has since disbanded: it was never able to prove the Chinese government was behind millions of dollars in suspect campaign contributions to former president Bill Clinton and members of Congress during the 1990s. But last week’s arrest of Los Angeles businesswoman Katrina Leung "an accused spy whose code name was Parlor Maid" has prompted an intense FBI review to determine if she compromised highly sensitive counterintelligence investigations, including the campaign-finance probe.

Leung, sources say, was the task force’s chief source on prime target Ted Sioeng, a suspected Chinese "agent of influence" whose family and businesses contributed $250,000 to the Democratic Party in 1996 and an additional $100,000 to a California GOP Senate candidate. Leung and Sioeng (who sat next to Al Gore at his Buddhist-temple fund-raiser that year in Los Angeles) were "close friends," one source says.
Now FBI officials want to know if Leung sabotaged the probe and was actually protecting Sioeng.
A highly compensated FBI "asset" (she was paid $1.7 million for services and expenses since 1983), Leung stands accused of purloining classified documents from the briefcase of her bureau "handler," ex-L.A. agent J. J. Smith, with whom she was having a long-term affair, and turning them over to the Chinese.
They could have given me the $1.7 million for reports on local fishing conditions and saved themselves a lot of aggravation.
Leung was simultaneously having sexual relations with another FBI agent, William Cleveland, who resigned last week as a top security official at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories.
Her social calendar must have been hectic.