Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Look who's squeaking
(Via Web.Kafe) Reuters reports Palestinian Authority Demands U.S. Free Abu Abbas:
GAZA (Reuters) - The Palestinian Authority demanded the release of veteran Palestinian guerrilla leader Abu Abbas on Wednesday, saying his detention in Iraq by U.S. forces violated an interim Middle East peace deal.

"We demand the United States release Abu Abbas. It has no right to imprison him," Palestinian cabinet minister Saeb Erekat told Reuters.

"The Palestinian-Israeli interim agreement signed on September 28, 1995 stated that members of the Palestine Liberation Organization must not be detained or tried for matters they committed before the Oslo peace accord of September 13, 1993," he said.

"This interim agreement was signed on the U.S. side by President Clinton and his secretary of state, Warren Christopher," Erekat added.
I wonder if they would prefer paper or plastic? And speaking of old debts, Fishface Arafat has run up quite a quite a tab.

Or as Andy Geller says in the NY Post, "No, you slithering SOB, we never forget."