Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Mr. Sarandon says "It's all about me!"
Tim Robbins is well known for his inability to take what he dishes out, so he's been on his broomstick with a vengance this week after he and his common law wife lost a gig at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Since Susie's fee for her aborted United Way appearance was $20,000, I figure the dynamic duo lost at least $40,000 they could have mulcted from baseball fans.

Pull my finger!

The value to the Baseball Hall of Fame of having Tim and Susie show up to hype an old movie that is most notable for Susie screwing one of the characters on the kitchen table, seems marginal at best. Confounding it with their wingnuttery definitely looks like a bad investment. But that's not how Tim sees it. He showed up at the National Press Club yesterday to vent his considerable wrath with a few of his peacenik pals:
"While the journalists' outrage at the cancellation of our appearance in [Hall of Fame headquarters at] Cooperstown is not about my views; it is about my right to express those views. I am extremely grateful that there are those of you out there still with a fierce belief in constitutionally guaranteed rights," Mr. Robbins said.
If Tim would pass a glance over the text of the 1st Amendment, he'd notice that the first five words are "Congress shall make no law". Since there is no Tim Robbins Hot Air Prevention Act, what he's really complaining about is the fact that he doesn't get the paid platform for his bloviations that he thinks he deserves. I guess Tim and Susie are special that way. Tim, say whatever you want, but stop whining when the rest of us respond.