Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Look what's under the rock!
The Sun weighs in (two articles) on the Georgie Galloway story mentioned below:
There have long been questions over the way a nonentity backbencher like Galloway could afford his lavish lifestyle of fast cars and fast women.

His constant travel, always first class, could never be funded by an MP’s pay or from proceeds of his litigious pursuit of so-called defamation claims.

Galloway is a silver-tongued bully who has always been surrounded by a cloud of suspicion over his shifty activities, his manipulation of other people’s cash and his readiness to punch anyone he could not sue.

He left a slippery trail of scandal wherever he went, from the finances of the once mighty charity War on Want to the funding of his local constituency Labour Party.

Once, while quizzed too closely for comfort on his dodgy dealings, he amazed journalists by admitting extra-marital "carnal" relations to put them off the money trail.
Well, that one's understandable - he's married to Yasser Arafat's niece.

Georgie's always been a very busy boy:
Galloway, 48, first entered politics aged 26 in his home town of Dundee - where he flew the PLO flag over the town hall and withdraw the city’s hospitality to visiting NATO warships.
A vicious anti-Israeli ranter, he boasted that he sometimes dreamed he was part of an army wading ashore waving a Kalashnikov and driving the Jewish nation into the sea.
But he has a sensitive heart.
...he remarked about the shy, gentle way Saddam greeted him, eyes downcast in his desert bunker.

"There, in a corner of the room, glancing shyly downwards briefly as I strode towards him, was the most demonised man on the planet," he wrote.

"He has a gentle handshake and is surprisingly diffident."

Galloway remarks on the way nervous servants were sweating despite the air-conditioning.
Three guesses why the servants were sweating, dingbat.

Your 15 minutes are way over, Georgie.