Monday, January 27, 2003

Return of the Flim-Flam Man!
The American Prowler informs us that the Sucker Puncher (scroll down) is back:
Former President Bill Clinton is telling friends and Democratic insiders that the Gore campaign in 2000 never gave him a chance to enter the fray against George W. Bush. "Now that he doesn't have to hold back for anyone, he's campaigning against Bush like he wanted to back then," says a former Clinton staffer. "The gloves are off."
Hopefully, the pants are on!
Signs of Clinton stepping back into the bare-knuckled political arena were evident last week, when he tore into Bush for the administration's economic stimulus package and the deficits the war on terror and the weakened economy are creating.

Later in the week, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton lashed Bush over homeland security in a speech the former president told friends he helped craft.

"President Clinton has said he wants to use the next two years to wear down Bush so whoever is the Democratic candidate will have an easier time of beating him," says the former Clinton aide. "He's going to show the party the way to beat the Republicans. If they choose to ignore him, and lose again in 2004, it just means that Hillary will have a clearer field to run in in 2008. Either way, Clinton wins."
Bubba once again demonstrates the behavior that made him world renowned.

Bring it on, Billy boy. Pardoned anyone lately?
Clinton granted 177 pardons and clemencies just before leaving office in 2001. Braswell's pardon became one of the most criticized after it was learned the president's brother-in-law had been paid $200,000 for working on the case. Hugh Rodham later returned the money.
Actually, the last we heard, Baby Hughie had supposedly returned only some of the loot. How do we know for sure that he really returned any of it?