Monday, September 16, 2002

"Lust in his heart" Alert!
Via the NY Post's Page Six:
RED-blooded writer Hampton Stevens says he got fired from the New York Times after professing his lust for right-wing blondeshell Ann Coulter. Stevens, an independent contractor who hosted the op-ed forums on, claims he was canned shortly after some salty statements he made about the coltish Coulter appeared in the New York Observer. "The New York Times has every right to hire and fire as they please," he told us. "But I think I should be free to express my opinion." A Times spokeswoman told us: "Hampton Stevens moderated an online forum for on a free-lance basis. His free-lance project is now complete
Why do I think that the earthy part of his comment was less a problem for the Times than his laughing at "liberal folly"?

Apparently, Hampton failed to notice that the official Times poster girl is MoDo.