Sunday, September 15, 2002

Grease Spot?
(Link via DailyPundit). The Mirror (UK) teases with BIN LADEN "DEAD":
OSAMA bin Laden's supporters yesterday issued a statement on the internet saying he was dead.

The claims, repeated in the Al Bayan newspaper in the United Arab Emirates, said that the al-Qaeda terror chief died when the Americans bombed the Tora Bora mountains in Afghanistan.

The details tally with dates of bombing missions in which US intelligence experts suspected that he may have been killed.

The newspaper's story, headlined, "Yes, Osama bin Laden is dead but the Jihad will continue until Judgement Day'', quotes witness Shahid Ayan saying he perished on December 10, 2001.

He said: "On the 24th night of Ramadan (Dec 10) and at a late hour, there were some scary explosions in the place where Osama bin Laden's cave was.

"The cave was completely erased from the ground and became nothing. This was the only cave of the 15 that was destroyed by an enormous 52ft missile and there is no doubt that bin Laden died.''
Since it's the Mirror, home of some of the worst Eurowhiners, one can't help but wonder about an ulterior motive for using one of those notoriously "creative" Middle Eastern sources as the basis for this newsflash. I also like the idea that the witness measured the missile.

On the other hand, the thought of an "enormous 52ft missile" paying a house call on Osama is rather pleasing.