Thursday, September 19, 2002

Dumb Crook News
The Herald Sun (Australia) reports Poo on shoe convicts thief:
A CLUMP of dog poo on a shoe has tripped up an armed robber who didn't watch his step on his way to hold up a Gold Coast TAB.

While 26-year-old Jacob Michael Smith hid his face during the armed robbery by wrapping a sheet around his head, he neglected to wipe a piece of dog poo off his shoe which formed an unfortunate pattern that would lead to his arrest.

The poo shape was noticed on a photo taken by a security camera and was enhanced by police scientific officer Sergeant Alan Piper.

"It's not rocket science. It's as plain as poo on your shoe," Sgt Piper said today.
No poo, Sherlock.

And then there is the cat lover in Kansas:
WICHITA, Kan. -- A Kansas fisherman believes he has reeled in a Peeping Tom.

The Wichita man was convinced someone was watching his daughters as they showered at night. A backyard chair kept getting moved under a bathroom window.

So he rigged a simple trap using clear fishing line. He tied fishing line to the chair, ran the line into the house and put the spool on a kitchen counter.

Last night, the unwinding spool fell.

The father grabbed a piece of pipe, went outside and found a man pulling the chair up to the window.

He ordered the intruder onto the ground while his wife called police.

The man turned out to be a neighbor, who claimed he was looking for a cat.