Saturday, September 14, 2002

It's For The Children
Now it looks like Kansas has been hit by the blight. According to Kansas City Star, Board candidate's ideas kindle Hispanics' outcry:
Saying "we can only take being slapped around so much," Hispanic leaders have mounted an effort to stop conservative Republican Connie Morris of St. Francis from joining the Kansas Board of Education.

Morris, who beat board Chairman Sonny Rundell in the August primary and faces no Democrat in November, maintains that children of undocumented immigrants should be barred from public schools. That view is contrary to federal law, and it infuriates Hispanic groups, which have started a petition drive against her.

Morris released a statement late Tuesday, defending her position and saying she had no intention of stepping aside.

"Senior citizens often work part-time just to pay bills -- yet the illegal alien is provided a free education, welfare, food stamps, medical care," Morris wrote. "We cannot afford to continue to be held hostage to this kind of loose and unpatriotic expenditure of the American dollar."


"In the past 20 years, tremendous and horrible crimes have been committed against the American citizen and taxpayer -- including the flow of thousands of illegal immigrants," she wrote. "Perhaps, with time, a much-needed change can take place in this arena.

"The worst crime committed in this case is that of the illegal parent whose own choices have jeopardized their precious children. It is not the Kansas taxpayers' burden to bear this responsibility."
Uh Oh! Morris apparently missed the big media push to roll out the red carpet for our "new neighbors".

Yep, here come the whiners:
That amounts to an attack on children and their future, said Bob Hernandez, vice president of the Wichita Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which organized the drive.

"If you deny someone knowledge, then you deny them any kind of power, and I think that is a despicable thing to do to a kid," Hernandez said.
Quite a command of both logic and reality you have there, Bob! But Bob has help from the candidate Morris defeated.
In response to the criticism of Morris, Rundell announced Tuesday that he would be a write-in candidate for the 5th District seat, which represents all or part of 41 counties in western Kansas. He said he had received a large number of requests that he do so.

"I realize this is going to be an uphill battle, but the Hispanic children are very dear to my heart," said Rundell of Syracuse, a moderate Republican. "To deny education to children based on their heritage or the language they speak is illegal and immoral."


Also in the fray is Winston Brooks, superintendent of public schools in Wichita. He wrote a letter, published last weekend in The Wichita Eagle, to express his "personal and professional outrage" at Morris' view, which he called "racist and elitist."
Sonny! Winston! Listen up! They're illegal aliens! Race and heritage are irrelevant. But of course, you knew that, didn't you?

I'll spare you more disingenuous whines from "professional educators" and "education advocates" and cut to the (literal) money quote:
The Hispanic population in the Kansas City, Kan., district is about 25 percent, Daniels said. He doesn't know how many are undocumented immigrants -- it is not a question that is asked.

The Hispanic population in Kansas has grown significantly in the past decade, particularly around Dodge City and Garden City, both in the district Morris seeks to represent.
I wouldn't be surprised if the US taxpayers pay more for the education of Mexican nationals than do the citizens of Mexico. Of course, it would be hard to prove, because in the US "it is not a question that is asked" - at least by big media, professional education bureacrats, and the usual Kumbaya crowd. Does anyone really think the solution to 3rd World problems is to invite them all to live in the USA?