Monday, July 08, 2002

You can't make this stuff up!
James Clench is reporting in the Sun (UK) that:
The king of an Aids-ridden African country is spending £31million of taxpayers’ cash on a private jet — DOUBLE his nation’s health budget.

A third of adults in Swaziland are HIV positive and two thirds live below the poverty line — but that has not stopped King Mswati III.

Elected MPs in the southern Africa kingdom — which gets £3.9million a year in aid from Britain — have not even been told of the absolute monarch’s shopping spree.

But a down-payment of £3million has already been made to Canadian manufacturers Bombardier for the 18-seater Global Express.
The NY Post shares with us the startling news that radical vegetarians
... are now buzzing about the evils of honey.

They claim its production uses the labor of oppressed worker bees, according to a Time magazine report on the growing numbers of American vegetarians.
Meanwhile, Little Green Footballs is trying to clear up the Arafat baby wipe mystery. I would say that maybe he needs them to soothe his skin after a really close shave, but we're talking Yassir Arafat here.

Finally, Reuters astounds with a report that a "Online Safe Sex Game Attracts 125,000"
An online safe sex game featuring saucy sound effects and street slang has introduced more than tens of thousands of young people to safe sex facts that they might otherwise be unaware of, a British charity said on Monday.

In, a parody of Nintendo's hit Super Mario Brothers, an intrepid man or woman chases the boy or girl of their dreams, gaining points for each condom they gather and losing points for drinking alcohol or bumping into monks, nuns or dogs.

Reaching the end of the game before the climaxometer falls from Sting to Boris Becker entitles players to a cartoon moment of passion before offering them a chance to browse facts about safe sex.
We don't hear about too many "climaxometers" around the store, but I'm guessing that Boris Becker should be ticked off.