Thursday, July 11, 2002

More Ice Cream Violence!
First it was Mr. Softee with a baseball bat, now it's Mr. Ice Cream with a sandal. From the North Jersey News:
An ice cream vendor took a beating Monday when a competitor thought she was trespassing on his turf, police said.

Shiam Daoud, 52, of Paterson was taken to The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood with bruises on her head, face, arm, and hip, police said.

They charged Rashed Awaadeh, 50, of Getty Avenue, Paterson, with aggravated assault.

Police were called to Finch Park on Island Avenue at 4:09 p.m. by witnesses who said they saw Awaadeh leave his Mister Ice Cream truck and attack Daoud inside her Good Humor truck. He first began to punch her in the face with his fists, and then used his footwear as weapons, they said.

"He had heavy sandals on and began hitting her on the head with the sandals," said Ramsey Police Director Joseph Delaney. "He claimed he only pushed her, but the witnesses observed him hitting her about the face.''
Hmm, times have apparently changed.