Sunday, July 07, 2002

It's so hard to choose! The AP fills us in on the nasty vibes between Michael Jackson, Al Sharpton, and recording industry executives, particularly Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola who Jacko claimed was mean, racist, and "very, very, very devilish." The article is filled with much bizarre humor including:
Jackson mentioned several black artists as victims of the industry, including James Brown, Mariah Carey and Sammy Davis Jr. Jackson alleged that Davis died penniless, although Davis' attorney said in 1990 that the "Rat Pack" member left an estate worth more than $6 million when he died.

"If you fight for me, you're fighting for all black people, dead and alive," Jackson said, adding: "We have to put a stop to this incredible injustice."


Jackson arrived at the Midtown building on a double-decker city tour bus that twice circled the block. He stood in the open top deck and, raising his fists, joined the crowd in chanting "Down with Tommy Mottola!"
Let's see. A child molesting vampire pixie impersonator and a race baiter versus the recording industry suits in a Steel Cage Death Match. Instead of choosing sides, can I hope for an asteroid to hit the ring?