Monday, June 10, 2002

Extracurricular Activities: Powder-puff girls football game turns into riot in Santa Rosa, CA. More details:
The game started about 5 p.m. Friday and within a half-hour had grown into a melee involving hundreds of young people and 35 police officers.

"If it was just kids playing a friendly game, it would be no problem," said Cmdr. Steve Thomas of the Santa Rosa Police Department. "But what we had was a riot. It started when girls on the field were fighting. It escalated to the point that about 300 people were fighting."

I think I'll stick to Ultima Online. And while we're talking bad behavior, 'Orgy' cop is suspended tells the tawdry tale of good cops gone bad:
A Chief Superintendent has been suspended from duty after he and nine colleagues were accused of turning a charity ball into a “drunken orgy”. Graham Cawley, four male colleagues and five women officers, were invited to the swanky £45-a-head anti-drugs bash to pick up awards. But the other 150 guests at the black tie event, including local magistrates and church leaders, were left open-mouthed as the group groped, snogged ... and even appeared to have sex.
I'll skip the rest of the lurid details, but one has to wonder: what are these people thinking of? Do they sit around brainstorming this stuff or are they masters of improvisation?