Friday, January 11, 2008

Hillary surrogate accuses Obama of "shuck and jive"

Paging Donna Brazile! Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat Attorney General of New York and fervent Hillary Clinton supporter suggests that Barack Obama is shucking and jiving his way to the nomination right after Her Heinous got finished suggesting that Obama needed to do some more "spade work." Aside from the amusement factor, there's another bright side:

This is an entirely unexpected bonus to the Obama candidacy: Suddenly, with the Democrats needing to not-so-subtly play the race card against a black candidate, a whole plethora of formerly-forbidden phrases and "racial code words" becomes, abracadabra, entirely suitable for civil discourse and not indicative of racism at all.

This is just wonderful news! I know I've got a whole list of terms I'm hoping the DNC and MSM will jointly now bless as acceptable. Top of that list: octaroon.

Nah, it will never happen. So when do the compulsory sensitivity training classes for the Hillary campaign start?