Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New PC rules - you can't criticize Obama because he is black

Long time Democrat operative and professional black person Donna Brazile is all huffy that Bubba Clinton had the temerity to notice that Barack Obama's political credentials have the substance of a fairy tale. We won't discuss Hillary's credentials, but catch the part when Brazile sputters:
Blitzer: But tell me why, as an African-American, Donna, you feel that the president's comments weren't appropriate.

Brazile: First of all, if Bill Bennett [also on the show] had said some of the things that Bill Clinton is saying about Barack Obama, I would have called Bill Bennett out of his name and said that Bill Bennett should shut his mouth because he is not speaking in the right tone.
Woohoo, maybe she would have gone upside his head too (and Donna packs a lot of weight behind her punch). But Bubba, well she's just "depressed" that he doesn't appreciate Hussein's sterling qualities:
I think his tone, I think calling Barack Obama a kid, he is a United States senator. He's experienced. The people of Illinois elected him, and regardless of what kind of items are on his résumé, this is a man who has worked all his life. He's proven; he's been a college professor.
Bwahaha. She forgot to mention that Barack is good at structuring complex real estate deals and getting his wife odd but well paying jobs. Of course the best part is that Donna apparently isn't kidding. I guess she's going to have a tough year unless Barack folds his tent.