Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stinkfingers says it's all a joke

It looks like the PR folks vigourously applied the clue bat to Sheryl "Stinkfingers" Crow and she now claims her "one sheet wipe" comments were just a joke, but all her other airbrained global warming rantings are for real. Yeah, right.

She also opines that the White House Correspondents Association dinner where she and wacko pal Laurie David tried to mug Karl Rove was somehow "a dinner designed specifically to encourage conversations between people from different worlds." When Stinkfingers says "different worlds," she really means different planets. Anyhow, Fake Steve Jobs again gets the best line:

I'm no fan of Karl Rove, but honestly if this ditz and Larry David's greentard wife started hassling me during dinner and lecturing me about "science," I'd tell them to get stuffed too.