Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today's the big day!

And we're already having fun!

The Washington Post editorializes

THE LAST THING we want to do is dampen the festivities in Little Rock, where the Clinton Presidential Center is opening today, but does anybody remember Marc Rich? He's the fugitive financier who was pardoned by President Bill Clinton on his way out of office -- after Mr. Rich's ex-wife, songwriter Denise Rich, gave $450,000 to the foundation raising money for this very same library.
Heck, they have to have a lot of loot to put up all those displays with political diatribes! Besides, I tend to think of it like an endorsement contract. All the big celebs have them!

Meanwhile, Bubba himself is getting a tad defensive:

Bill Clinton insisted yesterday that he never "disgraced this country" or "lied to the American people about my job."

The remarkable outburst from Clinton came as officials in Little Rock denied that his presidential library glosses over the Monica Lewinsky scandal and subsequent impeachment.
In an interview with ABC's "PrimeTime Live," which airs tonight, Clinton repeated his claim that the Lewinsky scandal was more the product of vengeful Republicans and special prosecutor Kenneth Starr than his own recklessness.
"Oh, God," said Lucianne Goldberg, the blogger who helped Linda Tripp secretly tape-record Lewinsky discussing her affair with Clinton. "He's living in a dream world. That's utter nonsense. You can parse that for paragraphs."
The NY Post has more:
NO BLUE dress, no hug, no cigar. Welcome to the sanitized "scandal" exhibit at Bill Clinton's $165 million presidential library, which officially opens today in Little Rock.
The sole image of Lewinsky appears in the video clip that shows the beret-sporting intern standing on a rope line, smiling broadly at Clinton.

But the clip ends abruptly — before Clinton is famously shown hugging the smitten seductress.
Who cut out the naughty bits?

And the fun has just started!

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