Thursday, July 29, 2004

Woohoo! It's a "war hero!"

John Kerry Storms Boston:
As Wagner's "Ride of the Valkries" blared over loudspeakers, the water taxi carrying the decorated John Kerry jetted across Boston Harbor in a dramatic reinactment of his .25 years as a Navy swift boat captain in Vietnam. Just like in the old days, Kerry took the wheel while his loyal boatmates, now gray and weathered by the sands of time, vigilantly manned the boat's specially rigged water cannons. The tall, chiseled Kerry barked an order and the crew opened fire toward a couple of startled winos on the shore, who angrily tossed an empty bottle of Thunderbird in retalliation, nicking Kerry's arm.

"That's it for me!" Kerry shouted as he steered the taxi towards the dock. "I'm outta here!"

In a stirring tribute to the decorated war hero, crowds of democrat supporters greeted Kerry at the landing with giant wads of loogie and shouts of "baby killer". The tall senator hopped off the taxi, and after having his crewmates charged with war crimes, he proudly strode up the gangway arm-in-arm with Jane Fonda and tossed his medals into a dumpster.
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Which brings to mind a puzzle. What did Lurch do between spending 16 weeks in Vietnam and running for President? He never mentions it.