Thursday, July 29, 2004

More Lurch family values

Kerrys raced to dump foreign stocks:
John Kerry's family dumped millions of dollars of foreign holdings as he launched his White House bid, gobbling up Made in the USA stocks in a huge politically savvy international-to-domestic shift.

The investments, mostly in the name of Kerry's multimillionaire wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, sold stock in massive overseas players like Heineken, Sony, British Petroleum and Italian Telecom for red, white and blue companies like McDonald's, Dell and Kohls.
No Benedict Arnolds around here!

Meanwhile, the family shows how they can pinch a penny until it squeals! From the infamous Sh*tty Tipper Database at
Tipper's Name: John Kerry
Restaurant: Chart House
Where it happened: Alexandria, VA
Total bill / Tip amount / Percentage: $262.60 / $0.00 / 0%
What happened:
June 5, 04 Kerry, his wife, 4 unknown suits - We were happy to seat them in a semi-private area and gave them the same excellent service as we would give anyone - then got stiffed!
The little people are so ungrateful! Don't they know who he is?

Actually, there are 3 more entries for old Lurch, and some aren't quite so bad:
Total bill / Tip amount / Percentage: $110.00 / $5.00 / 4%
What happened:
He was quite nice, but the wife was a real bitch.