Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Cognitive Dissonance Alert!

Feminist Criticizes Kerry's 'Butch' Image :
Feminist author Barbara Ehrenreich was jeered at Tuesday's liberal "Take Back America" rally when she suggested that Democrat nominees John Kerry and John Edwards had become too "butch" for their own good.
Woohoo! I must have missed it!

And taking another big hit off the bong:
If she had her way, Ehrenreich said, feminism would be used to combat enemies of the United States. She said Kerry should adopt her philosophy.

"Feminism is one of our nation's proudest exports. We invented it, practically," she said. "You cannot fight the Islamist insurgency with a combination of imperialism and MTV. The only thing Bush has done is serve as [public relations] and recruitment for al Qaeda."
Let's air drop her over Tehran! Sadly, she has another gig - columnist for the New York Times. Figures, doesn't it?