Sunday, May 23, 2004

Flipper may be serious!

Delegates receptive to nontraditional convention, even if it would lose some of the fun :
Democratic activists say they are receptive to the idea of eliminating the nomination from their nominating convention to give John Kerry a better financial shot against President Bush.
Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who ran against Kerry in the Democratic primaries but now supports him, said Saturday he had his lawyers examine this option last November and December when he thought he might win the nomination.
David Leshtz, a delegate from Iowa City, Iowa, said the nomination part of the convention amounts to mere ceremony since Kerry secured enough delegates to win the nomination months ago. He said eliminating it to get a financial advantage would be fine by him.
Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said the convention would be no less important without an official nomination because it would still be a celebration for the party's eventual nominee.

''What voters are going to see is someone who is aggressive and bold and ready to fight and fight to win,'' she said.
Steffie was apparently talking about Lurch although that description makes it hard to tell. Meanwhile,
Gary Ficken, a delegate from up the road in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, said, ''I think it will be boring. I can't imagine attending a convention and him not formally accepting and giving a speech.''
The Bush campaign is planning how to counteract a convention without a nomination, including the possibility of a separate political rally with Bush elsewhere and demanding equal coverage.
Bwahaha! Why not?

And Boston's mayor weighs in:
A frustrated Mayor Thomas M. Menino yesterday urged Sen. John F. Kerry to make good on plans to accept the Democratic presidential nomination in the Hub, bluntly telling Kerry to ``just do it.''

Menino, peeved that Kerry didn't clue him in on planning that could render the Boston convention irrelevant, said it's too late for ideas like Kerry's.

``My advice? Do what everybody else has done in the past,'' Menino told reporters.

``Just do it. Just get it done.''
But Tom, that wouldn't be properly nuanced!