Wednesday, March 24, 2004

You know you're getting old...

When Buffy says it better than you do. From Jonah Goldberg at The Corner:
From a reader:
mr. goldberg,

you may have already heard or thought of this. whenever i hear about hamas vowing revenge for the killing of one of their leaders, and the concerns over more radicals joining the fight, i can't help but think of an exchange from buffy the vampire slayer.

buffy has just embarrassed a vampire in a fight:

Buffy: Wow, that was really funny-looking! Could you do it again?
Vampire: I'll kill you for that.
Buffy: For that? What were you trying to kill me for before?

then again, perhaps you haven't. my thoughts seem to be more simple than most.

[Name withheld]
My simple thoughts tend in the same direction although I don't seem to recall ever viewing this Buffy person.