Sunday, March 21, 2004

Lurch's Firm Grasp Alert!

Terpsboy alerts us to Keep Your Panders Straight:
"John Kerry, defending 'gay rights' before a black audience, explained that when 'Mr. King gets dragged behind a truck down [in] Texas by chains and his body is mutilated only because he's gay, I think that's a matter of rights in the United States of America.' James Byrd was dragged behind a truck and murdered in Texas. Rodney King was beaten by police in Los Angeles. Neither man was gay."

- The editors of National Review, writing in the April 5 issue
If this weren't from before Lurch's Spring Break, I would say he must have fallen down too many times. Hmmm, maybe he has.

In related news:
Mr. Kerry plans to throw his snowboard, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, over the White House fence later this week. TV news crews will be permitted to videotape his second snowboard toss attempt.