Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Oddfather, Part IV

I love sequels, don't you? And what's better than another organized crime story featuring the sinister Oddfather and his goofy clan?

The Reid Crime Family of Las Vegas including Harry Reid, Rory Reid, Leif Reid, Josh Reid, Key Reid, and Steven Barringer


Here's yesterday's teaser trailer:
Once again, we discover why the Democrats quietly dropped their "culture of corruption" theme for the upcoming midterms. The AP catches Harry Reid without a disclosure on real-estate deals that netted him $700,000 in profit...

In fact, this isn't a new development for Harry Reid. Less than two months ago, I wrote about Reid's questionable involvement and compensation in a related real-estate deal outside of Las Vegas, and the post turned into a column for the New York Post. Harvey Whittemore, a lobbyist and real-estate investor, plied Reid with campaign contributions and employed Reid's family members -- and in exchange, Reid did a number of favors that allowed Whittemore to realize large profits at the expense of environmental regulations that Reid helped Whittemore bulldoze.
What did Reid get in exchange for all of this support? According to the Times, Whittemore contributed $45,000 to Reid and his PACs since 2000. He also gave the DSCC $20,000 in 2000, when it pushed Reid as a leader for the party in the Senate. Reid's son Josh got $5,000 for his unsuccessful campaign for a city council seat; his other son Rory got $5,000 for his successful effort to win a spot on the Clark County Board of Commissioners.
Gosh, it's even got "Little Dingy" and "Melon Balls" in the thick of the action!

If that's not exciting enough, there's a new trailer out today:
Harry Reid, stung by the AP's exposure of his complicated land deals with a lobbyist he helped make rich through his personal interventions in Congress, has told the Senate Ethics Committee that he will file amended disclosure statements that would reveal his business relationships for the first time. Reid claims the amendment would be "technical."
I can just see the steely glint in Harry Reid's eye and that bold outthrust chin while he says, "It's technical." Boy, this is going to be exciting.

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