Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today's Hoot!

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) chairman Guy Fournier recently told a French-language radio station that bowel movements are better than sex. [...]

Mr. Fournier recounted a train trip in the early 1960s during which a friend named Michel said going number two was as pleasurable as having sex.

"From that moment, I started paying closer attention -- and I have to tell you, I quickly realized that Michel was entirely right," Mr. Fournier said.
That would also explain a lot of what one sees on the CBC.

The original article also explains that the reason Mr. Fournier was being interviewed by the radio station was to make amends for having previously made the claim (which he found on the Internet) that:
In Lebanon, the law allows men to have sexual relations with animals as long as they are female! Doing the same thing with male beasts can result in the death penalty."

That explains the remainder of CBC content.