Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The bad news is that I miss all the good stuff on TV!

The good news is that there isn't much of it and that I also miss all the bad stuff:
Picking the worst part of the show is simply impossible, but one of the absolute low points came when Williams ran some footage of his cameraman telling what he had seen at the convention certer... It was a moving interview to be sure. The problem was none of what the guy said was true. He spoke of bodies surrounding the convention center... He said he saw 2 babies who died of dehydration. That's odd, because they never existed, we know that now. Either the cameraman was hallucinating or he was lying. I could excuse such poor reporting in the heat of battle but this is simply inexcusable.

Some two and a half months after the storm has passed, NBC is not only still getting the story wrong, they bragging about how great a job they did. It's simply amazing.

Then Williams spends the last half of the show talking about how great the media was... How they "found their voice."
Who says Brian WIlliams is just an empty suit? He's much worse than that.