Friday, October 07, 2005

Internet WankFest at The Guardian!

Charles Johnson catches them with their hands all sticky:
I suspect very few Americans are aware that the “international community” is preparing a power grab of monumental significance—taking control of the internet’s root servers: Breaking America’s grip on the net. Britain’s al-Guardian rag thinks this is just groovy, of course.
Salient al-Guardian fantasy:
A number of countries represented in Geneva, including Brazil, China, Cuba, Iran and several African states, insisted the US give up control, but it refused. The meeting “was going nowhere”, Hendon says, and so the EU took a bold step and proposed two stark changes: a new forum that would decide public policy, and a “cooperation model” comprising governments that would be in overall charge.

Much to the distress of the US, the idea proved popular. Its representative hit back, stating that it “can’t in any way allow any changes” that went against the “historic role” of the US in controlling the top level of the internet.

But the refusal to budge only strengthened opposition, and now the world’s governments are expected to agree a deal to award themselves ultimate control. It will be officially raised at a UN summit of world leaders next month and, faced with international consensus, there is little the US government can do but acquiesce.
Gosh, what part of "go pound sand" don't they understand?

As Charles observes:
Participating in the attempted coup: Brazil, China, Cuba, Iran, and several African states. Besides being abusers of human rights and enablers of terrorism, what else do most of these areas have in common?

Answer: their management of the internet in their own countries is totalitarian, censorious, but worst of all, totally inept. Huge amounts of spam email emanate daily from South America, China, and African countries.
Here's a modest suggestion. We'll keep the Internet and these folks can build their own Skanknet. We lose the spammers, script kiddies, and con artists and they can indulge their autoerotic fantasies. See ya! Don't let the garage door hit your wide load on the way out. And fer gosh sakes, take with ya!