Thursday, May 26, 2005


RINOs do the GOP again

Peggy Noonan provides some laughs in Mr. Narcissus Goes to Washington and as usual they're on us:
It's springtime, love is in the air, and 14 senators are gazing at the mirror.

You've heard the mindless braying and fruitless arguments, but I'm here to tell you the facts, no matter what brickbats and catcalls may come my way. Lindsey Graham defied the biases of his constituency to do what was right, not what was easy. Robert Byrd put aside personal gain to save our Republic. David Pryor ignored the counsels of hate to stand firm for our hopes and dreams. Mike DeWine protected our way of life. These men are uniters, not dividers.

How do I know?

Because they told me. Again and again, and at great length, as they announced The Deal. And I believed them, because I am an idiot. Or as they might put it, your basic "folk" from "back home."
I personally was dazzled by their refusal to bow to the counsels of common sense and proportion, and stirred that they had no fear of justified insult ("blowhard," "puffed up popinjay") as they moved forward in the halls of the United States Senate to bravely proclaim their excellence.
The folks back home mostly hold their noses at election time and vote for the one that smells least. About now, these clowns are pretty ripe and things look to be getting even more aromatic - SOCIAL SECURITY COMPROMISE?:
In other words, Republicans would give Democrats almost everything they want and get virtually nothing in return. Sounds like the kind of plan John McCain and other Senate "mavericks" will enthusiastically support.
In terms the "folks" understand, the compromise is to flush more money down the toilet. Someone call Newsweek!

(Hat tip: Graphic from a poster on FR. For those unfamiliar with the BOHICA acronym, a moment's Googling will reveal all.)