Friday, April 29, 2005

"They like me! They really like me!"

How come nobody invited me to the Moonbat Ball?
Al Gore saved this country once already from attacks on the judiciary, and he'll do it again. That's what he told a fervent MoveOn crowd yesterday afternoon at a Capitol Hill hotel ballroom.
Think of it! A whole auditorium filled with folks wearing tin foil beanies!
The relaunched 2005 Al Gore is much like what the late Michael Kelly observed during the 2002 media blitz: "Gore, the thinker of big thoughts; Gore, the visionary; Gore, the radical; Gore, the bold man of the left." This time around he is also Gore, the Southern statesman, wise from his years in the Senate and back with a selective Tennessee twang. He is Gore, "one of the most consequential leaders of our time," as a MoveOn supporter introduced him. Gore the philosopher-poseur may not may not be running for president in 2008. Yet more than a few "Gore 2008" buttons (with the old 2000 campaign graphics) could be spotted among the faithful (and only one "Clark '08" pin).
But some things never change:
Revamped or not, some old habits die hard. His speech had familiar features: annoyed and overbearing looks, speaking over a cheering audience, begging the question, and righteous defensiveness ("How dare they!). Gore is still a one-man debate squad, arguing every point and working himself into a sweat by the end of his 52-minute harangue.
Did we dodge a bullet with this loon or what?