Friday, March 11, 2005

Big Bloggin' Bucks!

How to Blog Good:
Searching for the insiders' secrets to cashing in on America's blogging mania? Confused by all the crazy come-ons and get-hits-quick schemes? Don't put your dreams of blogosphere superstardom away in the closet next to that dusty FlowBee -- let renown weblog consultant Dave Burge help you navigate your blog through the rocky HTML shoals of cyberspace and shoot a rainbow arc all the way to a shiny pot of financial solvency!
"Hey, Burge - your system is... but good"
M.P., Orlando FL

"Mr. Burge, I am writing to demand... 'thank you'... I want to know where you live"
C.R., Arvada, CO

"If you don't... buy...Bloggonetrix™... right now, I will call the police"
K.L., Maumee OH
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